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Thank you for considering Canna Grow. We’re dedicated to assisting you with obtaining your legal authorization through the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR).
As medical cannabis patients ourselves, we are aware of the difficulties that patients face when talking to their Physicians about medical cannabis. This is why we are here to help!

Please Fill Out The Form Below To Begin Your Application Process

We try to keep the process simple for every patient across Canada. Our initial consultation, where we assess and determine your potential eligibility, is always free.

Our consultation service is available over the phone or on skype.

During the consultation, our Patient Educators will do the following:
• Determine if you may be eligibility for medical cannabis through the ACMPR.
• Highlight the difference between THC/CBD and Sativa/Indica strains.
• Discuss dosage and treatment plans for each patient.
• Discuss the authorized Licensed Producers within the ACMPR.
• Outline your options for producing your own cannabis through the ACMPR.

In order for you to qualify, you will need to provide “supporting documents” prove your medical diagnosis. Examples of documents that can be accepted include:
• A written letter of diagnosis from a health care practitioner (Physician, Physician Specialist, Nurse Practitioner, Naturopath, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist etc.)

If you do not have access to your medical records or do not take pharmaceuticals, we can assist you with arranging an assessment with a qualified individual to obtain an official diagnosis of your medical condition(s).

Upon completion of the medical application package, you may drop it off in person or scan the competed application package and email it back to with the “supporting documents” as well as a photocopy of Valid picture ID. (Drivers License, Passport or Age of Majority Card is accepted. Health Cards are not.)

We will then meet with you to discuss licensed producers and we can determine which is the most appropriate for your medical condition(s). In addition, we will also assist with registration for the Licensed Producer.

We require 50% of the consulting fee prior to arranging your consultation with a physician, specialist, or nurse practitioner. The remaining balance is due after your consultation has occurred with the Specialist/Physician/Nurse Practitioner.

*(Fees do not apply to small consulting packages for patients with Cancer, CRPS, MS or for Veterans, Seniors
and First Responders.)

Once all documents are forwarded to the Physician Specialist/Physician/Nurse Practitioner, they will review the information to determine if you qualify. Once approved, we will reach out to you to arrange your consultation and provide you with a date and time.

After the consultation with the Physician Specialist/Physician/Nurse Practitioner, they will sign the required medical document and submit it to the Licensed Producer that you picked. Upon submission, you will be officially an authorized medical cannabis patient within Canada.

If you are a patient who is wishing to pursue a personal grow license for medical cannabis, we will arrange for you to receive the additional medical document and assist you in filing the required paperwork for Health Canada.

Health Canada’s process will take several months for you to be approved to legally produce your own cannabis. Canna Grow advises not to begin producing medical cannabis until after Health Canada has approved your application for production.

If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact us at anytime. Thank you once again for choosing Canna Grow and we look forward to assisting you!

Please Fill Out The Form Below To Begin Your Application Process

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