How Do I Book An Appointment?
Canna Grow will help you along the way with booking an appointment. In order to begin your application process, please fill out our application form on our “Apply For Your License” page. Once we recieve your application, a patient educator from Canna Grow will contact you to continue your application process.
Do I need A Doctor's Referral?
You do not require a referral from a physician to receive a license for medical cannabis. You will be required to submit “supporting documents” which prove your medical diagnosis. Examples of documents that can be accepted include:
• A written letter of diagnosis from a health care practitioner (Physician, Physician Specialist, Nurse Practitioner, Naturopath, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist etc.)

What Equipment Will I Need?
The required equipment for personal production can vary significantly. Many factors will come into play such as your preferred growing technique (soil, hydroponic, aeroponic), budget and the size of the license that has been issued to you. Canna Grow helps the majority of its patients with sourcing a grow tent, lighting, fans and nutrients. We have access to a wide variety of products and we can customize grow packages to suit your individual needs. Contact us and we would be happy to work with you to determine the best solution for your growing needs.

How Much Does A Set Up Cost?
Price point will be determined by prefered growing technique, budget and the number of plants that you are permitted to grow. To learn more about pricing, please contact Canna Grow for a consultation. We will help you find the best equipment to suit your needs.

Can The Doctor See Me Remotely?
Our Physician/Specialist/Physician/Nurse Practitioner (s) are available at either the clinic or via skype chat. After a patient educator contacts you regarding your application, please provide them with the preferred method of contact for your appointment to ensure a remote call is scheduled.

How Can I Grow For Myself?
You can submit an application with Canna Grow to become a licensed grower. We offer a variety of licensing options available including:

-Standard Cultivation License (large scale licensed production)
-Micro Cultivation License (craft licensing and sale of 600kg annually)
-Personal Cultivation License (for medical patients only)

Why Choose CannaGrow?
Canna Grow is an efficient and easy to understand platform with a variety of troubleshooting and support options. Not only will we assist you with acquiring your cultivation license, but we have a team of experienced growers who will help source the best equipment to suit your needs and budget. Additionally our team has extensive experience with cultivating cannabis and we offer tips, techniques and troubleshooting from our professionals to help teach you how to grow. Our service is designed to support you from start to finish.

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