It can be difficult for prospective patients and entrepreneurs to find the information that they need when they are trying to obtain their license for cannabis. Whether you are trying to become a patient, licensed producer or craft cultivation facility . Here at CannaGrow, our passionate team of staff help to simplify the process of obtaining your license and growing a fantastic product.

For Patients:

Our support team will help you source a knowledgeable medical practitioner that can help answer the questions that you have regarding medical cannabis to determine if it is right for you.

CannaGrow even offers services to help our patients grow for themselves by providing a support channel to source equipment and also to teach new patients about the growing techniques involved in medical cannabis.

It can be a complicated process to legally grow cannabis for yourself and that is why we are here to help.We assist patients with the process of acquiring their licenses to grow for themselves and we also work with them to ensure that they have the knowledge of the equipment required to grow and the process behind it.

At CannaGrow we are dedicated to setting up our patients with the best equipment, knowledge and service in the industry.

For Business Owners:

Canna Grow can help you build your own cultivation facility either as a licensed producer or as a craft cultivator. We will help you understand the paperwork and legalities involved in the cannabis industry when pursuing a career as a cultivator.

Our team of master grows will help you source the best equipment for your grow, teach you the techniques of growing, and offer a support system to ensure that you have a successful grow season. 

Canna Grow also offers equipment leasing to help new business owners build their own craft cultivation business.


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